Tips For Maintaining Office Carpet

Office carpeting generally has a low nap comprised of small loops, which makes it more resistant to wear-and-tear as well as staining. This doesn’t mean that it never needs maintenance or special care, though. The following guide can help you keep the carpet looking as new as possible.

Tip #1: Consider carpet tiles

Office carpet tiles are often advised instead of using a standard roll of carpeting. This is because a single tile can quickly be switched out if one is badly stained or damaged, thus mitigating the need for full carpet replacement. Another option is to only use tiles in high-traffic areas where damage is more likely to occur, such as near entries or along hallways.

Tip #2: Use rugs wisely

Large rubber office rugs and mats can prolong the life of the carpet. Place them under desks and in high traffic areas to protect the carpet. Not only does it cut down on wear, it also cuts down on the amount of dropped staples and paper clips that are ground into the carpeting.

Tip #3: Get a magnet

You can purchase retractable magnets on long handles from home improvement stores. These work exceptionally well for pulling staples and paper clips out of carpet with minimal effort. Make a point of walking the office with the magnet at least once a week.

Tip #4: Repair snags promptly

The loops in office carpeting sometimes get snagged and pulled free. If the snag isn’t promptly repaired, it can grow and you may end up with a bald spot in your carpeting. Fortunately, they are easy to fix. Simply cut the snag down to it’s base, and then place a small dab of glue on the remaining fibers of the snag so they don’t continue to unravel.

Tip #5: Schedule regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is a must to ensure the carpet has a long life. Your maintenance crew should vacuum nightly so dirt doesn’t work its way into the carpet fibers. Make sure they remove rugs and mats to vacuum beneath. You will also need to have your carpet cleaned every one to three months, depending on how much wear your carpeting gets. This will extract dirt that has been ground into the carpet and remove any stains. Finish by having a stain-resistant treatment applied, at least to the main walkways, to help prevent any major damage later.

For more help, contact a commercial carpet cleaner in your area.