Want To Purchase A Safe? 3 Different Types To Choose From

A safe is good to have in your home to protect your valuables. If you are planning to buy one, you will quickly find that there are different types available. Below is some information about three types of safes so you can decide what would work best for you.

Fingerprint Technology

Instead of using a combination, key, or a lock to open a safe, you can find safes that use fingerprint technology. This technology works using a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint is held into the memory and when the finger is placed onto a pad, the safe will recognize it and automatically open the safe. A fingerprint technology case is generally made of steel.

You can also set up more than one fingerprint if you want other people in your family to be able to open the safe. This makes these safes very easy to open and you will not have to worry about remembering combination codes or keep keys hidden. This is great during an emergency if you need to get to your items very quickly.

These safes use batteries so you have to make sure they stay charged. Many safes have an external override system, however. This could be a power overdrive that plugs into the safe, or you may be able to manually open the safe with a key in a case like this. You can find fingerprint safes that are resistant to water and fire damage.

Burglary Safes

A burglary safe can be bolted onto a surface, such as on the floor. Very strong bolts are used to make it almost impossible for someone to pick the safe up and leave your home. This type of safe is made of several layers of metal. You can also anchor the case to a wall, if preferred. The anchors and bolts used are thick and durable.

Not all burglary safes are flood and fire resistant so make sure the one that you purchase has this protection. If you live in a high crime area, this safe would be very beneficial for you.

Gun Safes

If you have guns in your home, the best way to keep everyone safe, especially your children, while still having access to them is to have a gun safe. These safes are made of a heavy duty steel and built specifically to house handguns or rifles or both.

This type of safe also opens in different ways. A combination lock can be used, or you can purchase a safe that has a dual lock. Electric locks are convenient as they allow you to open the safe quickly by punching in a code. Most safes with electric locks will lock someone out if they enter in the wrong code after a certain number of attempts.

Visit a safe manufacturer to learn more about these safes, as well as many others. To save money, the company may have used safes available to purchase. Visit a business, such as State-Wide Lock & Safe Inc, for more information.