Five Ways To Use Your Leftover Shipping Crates In Your Warehouse

When you’ve got a lot of wood shipping crates coming into your warehouse each day, it can become overwhelming. Luckily, you can do other things with your crates besides recycling the wood. Here are five ways that your shipping crates can come in handy inside your warehouse.

Wood Shelving

You can simply stack different crates against the wall so that they serve as shelves. This can be handy for extra paper, files, clipboards, tape and other warehouse supplies. The crate shelves can also be used for personal belongings, if desired.

Packing Material Bins

Wood crates can help you to keep cylindrical tubes, packing peanuts and other materials organized. You can stick shipping tubes of different sizes in different wood crates, for instance. If you decide to use wood crates for packing peanuts, just be sure to use a plastic trash bag as a liner to ensure that the peanuts stay put.

Separate Areas

If you don’t have walls or other physical separation of spaces inside your warehouse, you can create some with your shipping crates. With nails, brackets or clamps, you can connect crates and stack them as high as you feel is appropriate. Doing this can create a visual separation between the delivery and shipping areas, for instance. While you can purchase space dividers, using the crates is much easier and will save your business money.

Break Room Furniture

If there isn’t a formal break room inside the warehouse, you might be able to set apart a crate area with the help of extra shipping crates as described above. Once you’ve got some space for employees to take their breaks, you can then use crates to create some makeshift furniture. Crates can serve as seats or be combined in order to form small tables for the space.

Damaged Product Collection

Do you have damaged inventory in the warehouse? Rather than setting it aside on the floor and creating an unsightly mess or possibly causing people to trip and fall, use your wood shipping crates to collect any products that are damaged. It can then be someone’s responsibility to see what can be salvaged or used again for other purposes.

Shipping crates are necessary to many businesses. Now that you have some idea of what you can do with them when you don’t need them anymore, attempt the projects discussed in this article before sending them to a recycling center.

If you end up falling in love with these ideas, and need even more crates, visit local providers, such as Portland Packaging Co Inc.