Breach Of Employee Contract: How You Can Uncover Who Revealed Company Information To Non-Employees

Most businesses, even those that have telephone representatives working for them, now require that employees sign contracts. These contracts are legally binding, and they often include stipulations that the employees remain mum about absolutely everything at work. Private information regarding company practices, locations and client information are all off-limits. If you find that you have an information “leak” in your company and/or department, here is how you can uncover who is responsible so that you can take the proper legal action.

Hire a Company That Specializes in Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigators are essentially sub-contractors for your company. They are hired by you to root out problems and find sources. When these investigators work for you, they are sworn to the same code of silence to protect your company. The only difference is that they require more extensive access to your databases and employee files so that they can find the person or persons responsible. This includes phone and email records, security cameras and videotapes, punch/time cards, etc. The investigators, who are trained by their parent company, may make copies of their findings, but they are trained to understand and comply with privacy laws so that all copies and files are turned back over to you when the investigation is complete.

Pull Company Phone Records, Key Swipe Records, Video Footage and Emails from Suspected Individuals’ Work Stations

As long as your suspects used the company phone or other equipment, the workplace investigators can follow up on what they find using these records. Private phone conversations on cell phones cannot be tapped, but if you have a “no personal phones on the work floor” policy, the investigators may ask about the calls employees made. Desktop and laptop computers belonging to your company may be searched during the course of the investigation because they are company property. If your doors require a card key and a swipe movement, you may have documentation of suspected individuals and their movement between restricted and approved areas.If nothing else, these infractions of work rules may be brought to your attention for disciplinary action.

Gather Evidence, Fire People and Press Charges As Needed

Once the workplace investigations are complete and you have gathered enough evidence to show that certain employee(s) have acted unprofessionally, you can fire them and/or press charges as needed. The investigators can also meet with your business lawyers to go over their findings, which may be very helpful to your lawyers in building a case. Some employees might push back by hiring their own lawyers, but as long as your investigators have done a very effective job and gathered enough proof, your lawyer can take the case from there and defend your company.