How To Give A Flat House More Dimension

If you have recently purchased a home that has a flat and plain look to it, then you may wish it had more depth to it. Luckily, there are some ways you can go about giving the house a more three-dimensional look. Follow the tips in this article so you can transform your home from a flat one to a fabulous one.

Add shrubbery around the front

You can do a lot with shrubbery. Add some low hedges that are about waist high. They should be added around the porch area and along the pathway. This is going to help to give the front of your home a fuller look. You can also add a couple tall bushes at the start of the walkway, right where the hedges begin, to help tie the yard into the house.

Set a bench in the front

If you have a large window in the front of the house, then you can add a nice concrete bench to the yard, right under that window. This will help to detract from the otherwise flat look of the front of your house. You can also add some nice statues at either end of the bench to give the bench an extra special touch.

Consider having a pond installed

You can have a pond put in your front yard to both detract from the flaws in the structure of your homes exterior, and to give your yard a great look. There are many options you have when having a pond put in, such as adding a waterfall, putting fish in the pond and shaping it in a unique shape.

Add dark trim to the house

Having the house trim painted a darker color instead of a lighter one can also help to make the house look less-flat. If you have a tan house, you can try brown trim, for a white house try darker colors like grays, blues or browns. With a white house, you want to shy away from yellows, tans and other pale colors.

Install window awnings

Installing window awnings is another great way for you to help give some added definition to the house. You can choose from many different styles and colors of awnings so you can get ones that really complement the house.

Following the tips in this article can help to make a flat house look like it has a lot more definition and dimension.

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